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Author of Lesbian Romance


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Angie Williams, the winner of a third-grade essay competition on fire safety, grew up in the dusty desert of West Texas. Always interested in writing, as a child she would lose interest before the end, killing the characters off in a tragic accident so she could move on to the next story. Thankfully, as an adult, she decided it was time to write things where everyone survives.

Angie lives in Northern California with her beautiful wife and son, and a menagerie of dogs, cats, snakes, and tarantulas. She’s a proud geek and lover of all things she was teased about in school.

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Coming August 2023!!






“I’m raising my coffee mug in Angie Williams’ honor because this is her debut novel and she has completely blown my mind with the way she has brought these lovely characters to life for me.” – April (

I thoroughly enjoy Angie Williams novels and this one is no exception. A feel good read and very entertaining, I am so excited to see what she writes next. – Boasie (